Self check-in instructions step by step (upd 2024-04-12)

My Dear Guest(s),

This message will detail all self check-in related information and the wifi access.

Your booked apartment address (Hungarian address format): 1061 Budapest, Király utca 28., …. (door and floor number will be in the chat with the code)

International address format (building address):


28 Király Street

6th District, Budapest



The building gate opens with a door phone code:


4 6   [key sign]   8 1 7 7


You will find 2 staircases in the building, both can be used to approach the apartment, which is 2 floors up from the ground floor, Door number 48 (not shown on the apt door). Your booked apartment is the one on this floor which has 2 chairs and 1 table folded on the wall right next to the apt. entrance door.

Once you have found the booked apartment, please use this process to open and close the APARTMENT entrance DOOR:

The apt. lock works as a numeric coded door lock. There’s a wall panel on the left door jamb.



[On button]   .. .. ..


Once typed the correct code, for about 10-15 seconds the outside door knob connects to the door lock inside („knob connected state”).

During „knob connected state” you need to turn the knob counter-clockwise multiple times (if locked; if not really locked only the latch bolt keeps the door shut, you need to try only a slight counterclockwise turn).

I recommend you to grab the fixed door handle with your other hand and slightly pull it towards yourself while turning the door knob.

If 10-15 seconds („knob connected state”) wasn’t enough for you to use the door knob to open the door, type the code correctly again and you will have another 10-15 seconds to continue.


For locking the door from outside, type the same code and:


  1. turn the exterior door knob counterclockwise first to retract the latch bolt of the lock, while pulling the door into the lockable position with the fixed door handle with your other hand,
  2. turn the knob clockwise until possible to shut the door.


PLEASE READ these instructions FOR the DOOR LOCK USAGE! thank you!

When you leave the apartment, always shut all the windows and the door correctly!!

When you are away, please put back the outdoor chairs and table folded on the wall.

Please check this video to see how to approach the apartment (at the end of this video the apt. door lock is not the same as it is now):


Note (internet access inside the apartment):

How to access the wifi (network name and pass):



If you have any further questions related, please write me or call me!


Kind Regards,


Budapest Deluxe Apartments

Phone: .. .. ..  (available only on business days /working days +Saturdays between 9-21:00)