Check-in instructions – further notes for self check-in form

Further notes for self Check-in form


If Guest[1] chooses periods for check-in without real-time telephone support, the Host waives the responsibility including any consequences, costs of events/conditions that result / make the Guest(s) impossible to occupy / use the booked property. Please also keep in mind that WE CANNOT RECEIVE PHONE CALLS WITH HIDDEN CALLER ID, or via e.g. WhatsApp.

Check in assistance incl. transfer can be optionally requested for additional fees. Please see this document for details.

Definitions (hereafter):

[1] note: „Guest” means the booking guest (who actually made the booking) or any accommodated guest registered via the booking form.

[2] Std. free self check-in period: the timeframe on your booked check-in day when free self check-in is possible.