Check-in conditions (excl. exact address, name, phone) (upd .2024.01.29)

My Dear Guest(s),

Thank you for submitting your booking request at Budapest Deluxe Apartments, k28 Apartment!


Please see this message in ms word docx format here:  It has internal links and references and is formatted so may be easy to read and navigate within.

In order to finalize your reservation /booking request, and to make your check-in procedure as smooth as possible, there are couple of things to read and kindly requested from you (the Booking Guest – who made the booking – and all accommodated persons in our apartment)[1]:



1. Check-in: when=how?

All time definitions and working day definitions mentioned here are based on Budapest time and Hungary holiday calendar.  National / public Holidays in Hungary:

IMPORTANT! Limited real-time support

When making decisions about arrival time / check-in method, please keep in mind, that we cannot provide real-time telephone support for you between 9:30pm and 9am on working days, and (between 0-23:59) on Sundays and on national holidays. If Guest[2] chooses periods for check-in without real-time telephone support, the Host waives the responsibility including any consequences, costs of events/conditions that result / make the Guest(s) impossible to occupy / use the booked property. Please also keep in mind that WE CANNOT RECEIVE PHONE CALLS WITH HIDDEN CALLER ID.

1.1 Standard self check-in(free): Only on working(business) days + Saturdays between 4pm-9:30pm

Check in assistance incl. transfer can be optionally requested for additional fees. Please see this document   for details.

Definition (hereafter): Std. free self check-in period: the timeframe on your booked check-in day when free self check-in is possible.

1.1.1. Please read section “4.1 Self check-in details” too.

1.2 Checking in at different time from Std. (free) self check-in period or checking-in with assistance: requires host approval and additional fees.

Assisted check-in for additional fee (40 EUR for up to 3 persons): mandatory for arrivals on Sundays, National holidays or every other days after 9:30pm.

This applies for your booked check-in day or during the period of your booked stay, provided that, you will (booking guest) actually arrive and check-in between booked check-in day and check-out day.

Assistance is provided by the driver of the transfer service (3rd party). The booking process and the service is described here:  . Assistance fee includes an airport transfer (from Liszt Ferenc Airport to the apartment)  or a transfer from any point within Budapest to the apartment, the price of assistance won’t be different in case you don’t need the transfer. Total additional fee for up to 3 persons of Transfer +assistance with these conditions ( ) is 40 EUR.

In short: first of all, 2 working days the latest before your arrival, you (Guest) need to inform the Host about your planned check-in time, including providing all necessary information (E.g. full name, photo, telephone no., whatsapp id, flight arrival date and time, flight ID, airport terminal; details (incl. time) of pick-up location if not the airport). You (Guest) bear all the responsibility of any delayed transmission of these information towards the Host. Further steps of the assistance + transfer process are detailed in the above linked document.
Note: if you plan / calculate your check-in time to fit Std (free) self check-in period, but finally you can’t arrive at the apartment within Std (free) self check-in period, you will have to pay the assistance + transfer fee finally on page by answering  Host’s request.

1.2.1 Please read section “4.1 Self check-in details” too.

1.3. Would you arrive before 4pm on your check-in day?

In case you choose earlier self check-in, a 10 EUR additional fee applies (early check-in fee). This covers all additional communication, arrangement, and cleaning staff costs from our side. You may decide to request to leave your luggage inside the apartment (usually from 2:30pm is possible), but in this case the early check-in fee also applies (once).

If you prefer to enter the apartment/leave your luggage earlier than 4pm, it may be possible, but depends on

  1. when previous guest leaves the apartment on your arrival day (if there’s any). (Note: standard check-out time is until 1pm.)
  2. whether we can reschedule the apt. cleanup before your arrival accordingly or not.

CONCLUSION: ABOUT CHANCES OF YOUR EARLY CHECK-IN PLANS, PLEASE ASK ME 2 business days before your arrival the latest!



Early check-in arrangement process

  1. You (booking Guest) should kindly ask me (the Host) 1-2 business days (1 day the latest) before your arrival day regarding the possibility of early check-in, specifying the desired check-in time. You must have read these conditions and have to agree to the early check-in fee if the Host says yes.
  2. If early check-in is possible from our side, we send you an early check-in fee request on website (please see e-mail notifications) specifying special conditions(if any). You need to accept it within 6 hours. If you don’t accept it, please reject it.
  3. Once you have accepted our request, we reschedule the cleanup and will provide you the confirmation.
  4. You will receive all the necessary information (incl. APARTMENT DOOR CODE) for your check-in, up to 15 minutes earlier before the agreed early check-in time.

1.3.1 For Early self check-in steps, see section “4.1 Self check-in details”!



Summary: steps to complete your booking as detailed underneath:


Until the latest working day before your arrival day, ALL GUESTS KINDLY NEED to (or Booking guest needs to declare in the name of all guests):


  1. provide personal information (next section 2) and arrival and departure details as below requested (pls. see important note below about check-in plans before 4pm)
  2. accept the house rules (section 3) as below requested (all guests need to declare that they have read understood and accept the House Rules)
  3. declare (again) how and when you would prefer to check-in from the above options – see section “Check-in: when=how”
  4. Please confirm that you have read this document and agree to these terms too.
  5. Specify your check-out plan (check-out time planned).



Note2: for definitions, please check the House Rules.

Note3: please keep in mind these are required until the latest working day before your arrival day to be able to check-in. In case of last minute bookings, the earliest time possible right after Booking Guest has received this message.



2. Personal information + arrival and departure details






Please send your sharp and glare free PASSPORT camera pictures, on which your face photo, full names, expiry, nationality, (issuer authority) are all visible and readable!

Sending photos of Identity card OR Driving license instead Passport is possible for EU citizens only.

(it can be a driving license too, any of them is o.k.)

You can send these pictures via e-mail to OR you can also insert them into the airbnb chat (with smartphone airbnb application it is possible)! Note: all adult guests’ photos are kindly needed.
Guest 1 (Booking Guest) needs so send a photo about a personal document (e.g. ID card etc) or an overhead invoice (e.g. telephone/electricity bill ) WHICH CERTIFIES YOUR (Booking guest’s) PERMANENT ADDRESS.  (An official document which has your (Booking guest’s) full name and permanent address is on the photo together.)


2.2 Please fill out the following form:



2.2.1     Guest 1 (booking guest’s) full name (First name, Last name)


E-mail address

Phone number

Place of Birth (country, town/area), Date of birth (YYYY.MM.DD.)

Permanent Address (Postal /ZIP code also required!)

Country of Citizenship (primary)


type of personal document (e.g. passport, drivers license, ID card) about which photo will be attached

Identification number of personal document


Guest 2 full name (First name, Last name)

e-mail address OR mobile phone number OR whatsapp ID

Place of Birth (country, town/area), Date of birth (YYYY.MM.DD.)

Permanent Address: Country, Town, ZIP code (POSTAL CODE) ONLY!

Country of Citizenship (primary)

type of personal document (e.g. passport, drivers license, ID card) about which photo will be attached

Identification number of personal document


       Guest 3  (if any) full name (First name, Last name)

Place of Birth (country, town/area), Date of birth (YYYY.MM.DD.)

Permanent Address: Country, Town, ZIP code (POSTAL CODE) ONLY!

Country of Citizenship (primary)

type of personal document (e.g. passport, drivers license, ID card) about which photo will be attached

Identification number of personal document


       Guest 4  (if any) full name (First name, Last name)

Place of Birth (country, town/area), Date of birth (YYYY.MM.DD.)

Permanent Address: Country, Town, ZIP code (POSTAL CODE) ONLY!

Country of Citizenship (primary)

type of personal document (e.g. passport, drivers license, ID card) about which photo will be attached

Identification number of personal document

2.3 Arrival time + planned check-out time


2.2.2. Flight arrival time and flight ID / train or bus arrival time and name of Train station /(if any) OR


Time of arrival at the apartment (standard check-in time is from 4:00pm). Standard check-in time is 4:00pm (Budapest time) or later. In case of earlier check-in, 10 EUR additional fee applies. Please see section 1.3 above for details.

Note: for earlier check-in please contact me timely to make sure it is possible.

Note2: if you come by car, please also let us know. You can find information about parking options in the House manual too ( ) .


2.2.3. Please share your desired (self-) check-out time. Standard check-out time is (until) 1:00pm. Note: for later check-outs please contact me 2 workdays before your actual check-out day to make sure it is possible. If late check-out is available, we need to adjust it to our cleaning service schedule and next guest arrival. Late check-out fees apply after 1pm. please see House Rules!



3. House rules



Please confirm that all guests have read understood and accept the house rules.

Please find URLs to all documents here (including House Rules too):



4. Further information

4.1 Self check-in details

Ours is a self check-in place. The building gate can be opened using a doorphone code, the apartment door has an electronic door lock with a code too. Unless you (booking guest) don’t request it, there’s no mandatory assistance for additional fees. (see section 1.2 Checking in at different time from Std. (free) self check-in period or checking-in with assistance: requires host approval and additional fees.)

Once you have completed your booking request = firmed your reservation request, You will receive the instructions, including the check-in related short video and door codes (will be sent to you on your arrival day)  so that you will see how to

  • enter the building our apartment is located in, with the DOORPHONE CODE
  • find our apartment inside the building

EXACT ADDRESS (building): Király Street 28., 6th District, Budapest, Hungary.


4.1.1 Self check-in tutorials


On your arrival day (not earlier please!) , once you have completed your booking request = firmed your reservation, you will be able to ask the Host to send the doorphone code to enter the building and the APARTMENT DOOR CODE.

Please complete the  above steps (summarized in section “Summary: steps to complete your booking” )  1 working day before your arrival the latest (in case of last-minute bookings, kindly do it as soon as possible, right after you have received this message).

How to find our apartment within the building + entry codes: you will get the video link after completing steps listed in “Summary: steps to complete your booking” (on your arrival day)

Please if you havent’t received it from Host until agreed check-in time minus 30 minutes, request the doorphone code and the APARTMENT DOOR CODE via calling me (the Host), or sending sms  via primary telephone number on your check-in day!

APARTMENT DOOR CODE will be available only after you have a complete and firmed reservation/booking!

*An sms or Airbnb message or e-mail will be sent to Booking Guest having this information.


4.2 Assisted check-in – further advantages

Would you prefer to avoid standing 40-50 minutes on a crowded bus travelling from the airport to the city?**

You don’t need to worry about queues to use public transport, taxi, shuttle, or even currency exchange: our Mercedes Van service*** takes you directly to the apartment door.

Please find further information here:

*  Our transfer service costs total 40 EUR / up to 3 persons, it is a total cost. Thus, in case of 2 persons it costs 17.5 EUR / person; in case 3 persons booked, it costs 12 EUR/person. Please check the above document for details.

**when using public transport services from/to the airport , bus/train terminals (especially to/from the airport), you usually won’t be able to get seats and the buses are crowded. Otherwise it can be a wallet friendly way to get into the city. You can find further information about public transport in the House Manual.

***our fleet consists Mercedes-Benz V-Class vans newer than 6 years old.


4.3. Inside the apartment four + one important things


4. 3.1 Before leaving the apartment ALWAYS shut the door through turning the door knob using the door lock code !!

4.3.2 Please take off your shoes at the apartment entrance door (inside).


To avoid making unnecessary noises for neighbors, please avoid using your shoes when inside. Please walk carefully on the gallery stairs.

Please take slippers with yourself from home. If you prefer so, we can provide you slippers for 5 EUR / pair

Between 9pm and 8:30am and 0-11:59pm on Sundays and National Holidays, please always try to keep silence inside.


4.3.3 Electricity: 20A max!


When using the Washing machine, please avoid using any TWO of the following:
– Toaster
– Kettle
– Coffee machine
– Iron
– Hair dryer
– Air conditioning
– Any Device that uses more than 5A power (~1000W)

When NOT using the washing machine, please avoid using any three of the above appliances.


4.3.4 KEEP SILENCE after 9pm and 0-24h on Sundays and on National Holidays


Thank you for your cooperation.


4.3.5 Smoking: outside the apartment only!


Use the wall ashtray outside please. Thank you for your cooperation.



4.4 Communication with the Host



  1. If you (Guest) want to reach us (Host) START THE CONVERSATION BY


  1. CALLING US (normal phone call)
  3. WRITING US via Airbnb CHAT
  4. we can change to more cost effective / usable ways of communication (after agreed on the way) such as:

WhatsApp call, WhatsApp messaging, Facebook chat (if nothing else works) , skype call/messaging, etc.


4.4.1 WhatsApp: don’t start a conversation on WhatsApp!


You cannot reach the Host  via Whatsapp, unless previously started a conversation on e.g. sms / Airbnb chat and notified us (Host) to use WhatsApp! I cannot get notifications there, unless I have WhatsApp application / window open.

We (host)  may send you there messages because we want to make sure our message reaches you (usually what we send you via whatsapp, we send you via e-mail (formatted text or text and pictures together); or Airbnb chat (text only) too.






Our place is a Self check-out one, you need to leave the apartment and close it back by yourself.


Before leaving the apartment: shut the windows, switch aircon off, switch off lights, turn off water taps

–              Please leave us feedback and share your thoughts how we could improve our service!

–              Please leave the place in the closest possible state to how you found it when you arrived:


– shut all the windows;

– close water taps;

– switch the air conditioning and the lights off;

– wash the dishes;

– put the garbage into the garbage compartment or into separate plastic bags;

– put the decoration pillows back to the sofa.

– put the second pair of keys on the wash basin in the bathroom.

When leaving the apartment, outside, please:

–              Put / fold back the chairs and the table on the hanging corridor.

–              Please don’t leave garbage, not empty glass ashtray outside the apartment.

–              Please send me (to the Host) a message when you have left the place and have successfully put back the keys into the key-safe.



4.6. Further notes



Note: THERE ARE NO further taxes and fees to be paid locally. The only locally applicable additional fee may be related to A) early check-in fee b) the Check-in assistance incl. transfer service (see details above). Link and QR code to all Documents (House Rules, House Manual, about The Neighborhood, tutorials)



Please feel free to call or write to us here (e-mail, or Airbnb chat) / sms me if you have any questions!


Thank you!


We are looking forward to your arrival!




Kind Regards,

Phone: … … …(available only on business days /working days +Saturdays between 9-21:00)
Budapest Deluxe Apartments




[1] note: „you” means booking guest or any accommodated guest registered via the booking form.

[2] note: „Guest” means booking guest or any accommodated guest registered via the booking form.